NDP to Wynne: Declare opioid crisis a public health emergency

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QUEEN’S PARK – Parkdale-High Park MPP Cheri DiNovo is calling on Premier Wynne to officially declare the opioid crisis sweeping Ontario an emergency, in order to speed resource delivery to harm-reduction workers.

“Ontario is in the midst of an opioid overdose emergency, and it’s only getting worse. Last year, at least 865 people lost their lives to overdoses. In my riding, people are overdosing every single day,” said DiNovo during question period.

“Front-line harm reduction workers are doing heroic work to save lives, but they’re still not getting the resources they need on the front lines. Toronto’s Board of Health is calling on the Liberal government to officially declare this an emergency.”

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health says the declaration will help harm reduction workers access the resources they need.

DiNovo urged Wynne to act.

“People in Toronto know there’s an emergency. Front-line harm reduction workers say we need a declaration of emergency so we can start to see an end in sight to this epidemic,” explained DiNovo.

“When will the premier listen to Toronto, declare an emergency and get the resources that front-line workers need right now to save more lives?”